Author(s): Olowookere, B. T., Barnabas, I. Musa and Aisha Ahmad.
Volume/Issue: Volume 2 , Issue 1 (2022)


The study was carried out with the aim of assessing the natural fertility status of soils within the permanent site of University of Abuja. The objectives included: evaluating some physical and chemical properties of the soil, assessing the micronutrient status of the soils, assessing the micronutrients status of the soils and making recommendations on ways of maintaining and managing the soils. To achieve these objectives, ten sites were selected and georeferenced. In each location, random auger samples were collected at a depth of 0 – 30 cm, bulked to produce composite samples that were representatives of the ten sites. In all, ten composite samples were collected, prepared and analysed in the laboratory for routine physical and chemical properties as well as some micronutrients. The analysed results were subjected to simple descriptive statistics using GenStat Statistical package for analysis to determine the mean, maximum and minimum values as well as correlation coefficients and coefficient of variation. The results obtained showed that he soils were sandy loam, sandy clay loam and loamy sand in texture, with sand fraction being high while silt was very low. The soil reaction was mostly slightly acidic (pH in water of 6.11 6.49). Electrical conductivity was moderate. Organic matter was moderate while total nitrogen and available phosphorus were equally moderate following the trend of organic matter. The soil cation exchange capacity was very low suggesting dominance of low activity clay and low natural fertility status of the soil. All the micronutrients analysed were abundant except copper which was low and would require supplementation for optimum crop production. It was recommended that continuous application of organic manure will improve the natural fertility of the soils and as well enhance the chemical and physical quality of the soils. It was also observed that there is no basis for further application or addition of micronutrients in these soils since they are already in their abundant form in the soil.