Author(s): Folarin O.O., Asala S.W.
Volume/Issue: Volume 2 , Issue 1 (2022)


There is a wide distribution of viruses infecting rice in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa and are of economic importance. Since rice cultivation has increased, there has also been an apparent growth in virus disease incidence. The earliest virus disease to be recognized on rice in the world was Mentek disease. Nigeria is the leading producer of rice in Africa and the fourteenth in the world; rice is also a major staple food in all parts of Nigeria. Up till now, three viruses have been identified on rice in Nigeria, namely: Rice yellow mottle virus (RYMV), Maize streak virus (MSV) and Rice stripe necrosis virus (RSNV), which negatively affects the quality and yield in Nigeria. This review, therefore, focuses on some of the important viruses of rice, insect vectors, mode of transmission and available options for controlling these virus diseases. More awareness on rice virus diseases is required for the development of management strategies which will lead to increase in production. Hence, the need for continuous research is necessary. 


Oryza Sativa, Viral Diseases, Disease Management, Prevalence